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On Friday, 3rd December, 2021, the Farmers Day was celebrated across the Nation which Ga Central Municipal was not exempted. Ga Central Municipal Assembly held its farmers’ day celebration for farmers and fisher folks within the municipality at the Lutheran School, Palas Town, under the nationwide theme; PLANTING FOR FOOD AND JOBS, CONSOLIDATING THE FARMING SYSTEM.

Gracing the occasion were important dignitaries such as the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Ga Central, Hon. Mohammed Bashiru Kamara, Municipal Coordinating Director, Hon. Sayibu Yarifa Inusah, Presiding Member, Hon. George Adu Darko, Assembly Members, Chiefs, heads of departments, Board Member for the Ga rural bank, Mr. John T. Mensah, Officials from some of the security agencies.

The Chairman for the program, Nii Hamond Chabukwei of in his acceptance speech, welcomed guests present and urged all present to consider going into agriculture since it is now a profitable venture as compared to the olden days. He said people see farming as work for the old and uneducated but that is not the case anymore.

Delivering his key note address, Hon. Mohammed Bashiru Kamara, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Ga Central Municipal Assembly gave a brief background as to why farmers day is celebrated annually even amidst the pandemic.
Hon. Kamara said the theme for this year’s celebration was appropriate and relevant considering the giant strides the government is making to meet the expectations of the people and the economy. He said ‘it is the strategy of government to gradually shift the focus of agriculture in Ghana from subsistence farming approach to an agribusiness approach’.

According to the Hon. MCE, four thousand (400) farmers were registered under planting for food and jobs. Also, the ministry of agriculture has allocated 13 live stock battery cages for onward distribution to farmers and each farmer is to receive 120 pullets at a subsidized price of 1950 Ghana cedis upon delivery. The Agric department received an amount of 46170 Ghana cedi’s for effective extension activities as well as training farmers in the modernization of agriculture in Ghana. According to him, those 4000 farmers who benefited from the extension services are into livestock production like rabbitry, poultry, quail, guinea fowl, sheep and goat rearing under rearing for food and jobs.

He expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all farmers and fisher folks for their sacrifice and contributions to the growth and development of our country and urged them to stop the misuse of agrochemicals because it has health implications on the consumers. He encouraged business men and women to partner the assembly to invest in agriculture production, processing and marketing in order to create local food system that will ensure job employment to improve the livelihood of our farmers especially the youth.

The Municipal Director of the Agric department, Mr. Patrick Abankwah, said farmers day is an opportunity which will create avenue for small scale farmers and producers to up their scale of production. Rearing for Food and Jobs (RFJ) as one of government’s flagship programme has increased the livestock industry in the Ga central Municipality by introducing zero grazing for livestock and to supply battery cages of pullets to 13 beneficiaries in the Ga Central Municipality by the first quarter of 2022. Also, he said to mitigate climate change, the government of Ghana has introduced Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) where coconut, mango and other trees were distributed to individual’s homes.
Mr. Abankwah went on further to say that “it is important that you make good use of technology by selling your product on social media”. He opined that farmers adopt new improved technologies of farming and made mention of a technology village set up by the department of agriculture at the municipal assembly which aims at giving practical training to all farmers in snail, vegetable, poultry and livestock farming. He urged them to have good record keeping mechanisms, add value, package and label their products properly to attract good market.
Mr. Abankwah concluded by saying the Presiding member was expecting over Four Thousand (4,000) farmers for this occasion and he quoted Matthew 22:14 to back the vision of the PM. “And Jesus concluded many are called but few are chosen. “Ayekoo” to all our gallant farmers.

Dr. Tetteh Mensah, a Board Member from the Ga Rural Bank educated the public on “Ga Susu” which is a new product introduced by the bank. According to him with the Ga Susu, farmers and traders don’t need a collateral before they apply for a loan. All they have to do is to open a Ga susu account write their susu and after a duration of six months, they can apply for the loan which is twice the contribution of their susu.
The items including; one chest deep freezer, refrigerator, wheelbarrow, cutlasses, boots amongst others were presented to seven (7) farmers.

Out of the nominees, seven (7) farmers were selected as award winners. Michael Otoo-Mensah won the overall best farmer in the municipal and for his prize he was given a refrigerator, wellington boots, wheelbarrow, cloth, three (3) cutlasses to mention a few. Other winners include, David Djabanor (Aqua culture farmer), George Nana Kwame Ofori (best youth farmer), Mfatu Ventures (best organized group), Lucas Tengey farms (best rabbit farmer), Kweku Avuglomega (best crop farmer).
Michael Otoo-Mensah who took the overall best in the municipal, urged the youth to take advantage of the opportunity created by government and venture into agribusiness.


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